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21: a numeric symbol that holds a strange amount of signifcance to many people around the world. For some, 21 is the stamp of adulthood, freedom, and independance. For others, it may posses nostalgic memories and fabricated feelings of what once was. For me, it has posed an opportunity for growth over the next 12 months. For some reason, the number 21 seems so blindingly significant at the moment that I've decided to dig into it in a way that I've never done before. If you

The fun part about being born at the turn of a century is that the current year is (mostly) in sync with my current age, so it makes it easy to remember how old I am-really, it's just one less thing that I've got to keep up with. With it being a fresh start of the year and I feeling like the past year was a complete waste of a time, I've decided to challenge myself in a way that both excites and terrifies me- because that seems like a responsible 21-year-old adult thing to do, right?

On New Year's Day, I was asked if I had any New Year's Resolutions. I'd already decided at some point in my teenage years that New Year's Resolutions were pretty much pointless. I'm sure we've all been a part of the vicious NYR cycle of hope and optimism until about week three when the holidays are finally over, reality settles back in, and everything you've been working so hard at comes to a screeching halt. I don't think that I've honestly made and attempted a NYR since middle school. But this year seemed like it needed to be different.

I know we all know last year was kind of a worldwide disaster, but on a personal level, 2020 was a year that just felt stagnant and fruitless. Sure, I did some okay stuff in 2020, but none of it felt real or meaningful. It was just stuff. I was never truly excited about a project from start to finish. I may have been excited in the beginning, but lost the spark somewhere along the way. Or I was so disconnected from the assignment that it never even left a second thought in my brain. In none of the work that I did, did I feel proud or accomplished. So I thought it may be time for a change.

It seemed to me that I needed some type of tangible goal to work towards on my own- outside of school assignments and side projects. So, I'm making one for this year. I guess you could call it a NYR if you'd like, I'm not picky.

Here is my goal: by the end of 2021 I am going to have created 21 meaningful designs that are completely personal/passion projects (i.e. unrelated to school or preexisting side projects).

Now, I did pay attention in my high school Lifetime Wellness class, so this is a SMART goal. Specific: 21 designs. Measurable: *see posting schedule below*. Attainable: 2 designs a month seems solid to me. Realistic: Definitely manageable. Time: 365 days.

The designs themselves do not have any specific parameters at the moment. I may end up coming up with some themes every month, or taking suggestions from you all. You may see a good range of animation, Photoshop, merchandising, logos, character designs, or really anything that I feel like doing that week. Suggestions will definitely. be welcome, but not guaranteed.

This is going to be a challenge-a journey really. I am going to be updating this blog with the content I create as well as their stories. All I am asking for is your support this year. Everything about this is so out of my comfort zone, but I want '21 to be a year that mattered more than anything. I want to be able to show you all work that is meaningful, fun, and most importantly something that I am proud of. This is a space where I am to change my outlook of what I put out into the world. I'm going to be completely honest and vulnerable with you all here. I just need you to hold me accountable. I've decided this is going to be a year of growth. I can't sit at a standstill any longer.

'21's starting off with a promise. I won't let you down.

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*During the month of October I will be doing a modified version of Inktober because I've always wanted to. I will only be uploading on Weekdays instead of the full 31 days. Which I might add, there are exactly 21 weekdays in the month of October this year... coincidence? I think not.

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